Sam Siefert Ensemble Project

The Sam Siefert Ensemble Project is the live ensemble, playing the compositions and arrangements of Sam Siefert.

It consists out of 11 members. 

The line up right now is:

Mimi Schmid - vocals

As I planned the project, I made a terrible
mistake: I forgot to ask Mimi Schmid if she
would like to join. Shortly before the recordings
started, I realized this mistake and by coincidence it
worked out nevertheless: In the middle of the first
week in the studio another singer got sick and I
asked Mimi spontaneously if she wants to join. She
came by - full with enthusiasm - and this awesome
collaboration was the outcome.
Her voice is outstanding and her musical interaction
is enviable! She is an unapparelled enrichment! I am
incredibly thankful to know this jolly and charming
person. She is the culmination of support by all
these wonderful people.

Günther Gänsluckner - trumpet

Günther Gänsluckner and me are connected
in a musical friendship, which is based in my early
months in Innsbruck. Together with him I had
plenty of conversations about Jazz and musical
theory: interesting discussions, same points of
view but also disagreements.
Because of him I have learnt a lot and every time
we have met, left me reflective and developed
my musical perspective. Günther is a completely
rational thinking mind, his kind of playing and
his sound are proof of his discipline and intense
analysis of musical theory. He really serves the
project well through his immense knowledge and
his wonderfully clear trumpet tone.

Lukas Bamesreiter - trombone

Lukas Bamesreiter was introduced to me
with the words: “Look at each other, you need
to get to know each other!” A few days later
we had the first rehearsal and it was instandly
clear to me that this would be a long musical
relationship: From traditional jazz-gigs and
swing over noise to avantgarde dance theatre,
we shared the stages and experiences together.
A wonderful friendship has developed.
Lukas’ character is full of warmth and affection.
In every second I have spent with him, he is
been totally relaxed. Something I never want
to miss again.

Yvonne Moriel - alto saxophone

Yvonne Moriel is the greatest alto
saxophone player I know in person and it
was one of the loveliest moments when she
announced to join the project! Prior to that
we have only met a few times. My musical
deference to her is enormous because her
professionality and organization are truly
unrivaled. She is reflective, steadily working
and has the ability to handle different tasks
simultaneously. Her sound, her technique
is coming deep from her heart, you literally
feel her play. I am paying tribute to Yvonne
ervery single time I listen to her music.

Thomas Greiderer - tenor saxophone

Thomas Greiderer is simply such a kind
person. He is always in a good mood and
when you see him laughing you just want to
hug him. On top of that, he got an enormous
musical experience.
Hence he brings calmness and wisdom to
the project. His hints and help have opened
a whole new view for my way of musical interaction.
He is steadily inspiring me through
his style of blowing the horn and his open
minded, engaged behaviour (musically as
well as in private). He is the kind of musician
who you meet over and over again and every
session, every concert is going to be magic
as soon as he starts playing.

Saw Thet Tun Oo - violin

During one of my first times opening at a jam
session this dude with his violin came on stage,
smiling and full of joy for music. After a few meetings
it became clear: Saw Thet Tun Oo is
always cheerful - a true sunshine. He became such
a good friend on a level that I cannot find words
for it. The moment he asked me to play drums at
his graduation concert was a special honor to me.
Thet Tun loves music in all of its beauty.
But simultaneously he questions his skills, which
is completely unfounded because he feels the
musical momentum. I rarely experienced such an
enthusiastic musician. He plays everything with
love, he is love and shows it all the time.

Christoph Kuntner - guitar

He got the blues! Christoph Kuntner
is one of the first musicians I met when I
moved to Innsbruck. Nevertheless, it took
some time until we worked on a project
together, because Giggo is a full-time
guitar player who is involved into countless
projects and bands. His ideas and influences
during the recording session have not only
served the project well but also led it into
different spheres.
A powerful force, because Giggo‘s motivation
could be felt from the beginning and was a
source for many of my decisions.
Love you, man!

Christian Hauser - guitar

Christian Hauser is this musician that I
always listened to with deep respect. He has
played everywhere always with one hundred
percent of emotion - expression on guitar
means everything to him. And before the
project started, I never had the honour of
working together with him. So I asked him to
join the project without thinking that he would
because we did not really know each other.
On the first day when he entered the studio
his energy was mind-blowing and I realized,
this guy is not just playing music, he is music.
To have him by my side is awesome and we
will have a fantastic future together!

Christian Larese - piano

What should I say about Christian Larese?
Gischi is not only the person who makes it
happen that this project can be realized, he
is simply a musical mastermind! Due to his
dedication it is possible that this project can
be released! He leads the production, the
editing, mixing and mastering with enormous
foresight. On top of that, he has to deal with
my messages and phone calls nearly every day
since the project started, stealing his time and
nerves. Gischi is one of these people without
who I would not have reached this point of my
life! I really am grateful and blessed to call
him one of the best friends, colleagues and
musicians of mine. Gischi enriches my life, he
is the person I cannot thank enough because
he made a dream come true.

Anna Reisigl - bass

I met Anna Reisigl on a session and
after the first note of her bassline I felt her
groove. As I thought about the conception of
the album and which musicians I wanted to
ask, she was the first I thought of. I always
remembered this sound, this feeling, which
is mind-blowing. Although we only had little
contact with each other, she was fascinated
by the project since the beginning. During
the recording sessions I realized how great
our rhythm feeling felt together.
Furthermore an incredibly loving character
showed up. She is still motivating me
immensly for this project.

Sam Siefert - drums