"Music and especially Jazz is the most beautiful possibility, to express your own language, to find your own sound, to show your true character, your real soul and all the feelings being connected with who you are."

Born in 1991 in a small town near Bielefeld (Germany) Sam Siefert started playing drums in the age of seven. During his years in school he took lessons by different teachers including Detlev Schütte, Oliver Spanuth and Roland Höppner. After his graduation he wanted to study Jazz-drums but did not get the opportunity.

So he went to Austria working as a waiter for about one and a half year in a hotel. Due to private decisions, he came to Innsbruck, where he studied german language and literature. His time in Innsbruck brought him back to music and because of different Jazz-sessions ang gigs he made his way into the music scene.


In 2017 he founded the band "Imagination" together with Felix Kremsner, releasing their debut album "Growing love". A few weeks later Tom Hiltpolt joined the band on bass and the EP "Amplitude" was the follow-up in the same year. 2018 they released the third record "III - Illegal Immigrants" with a more political statement against racism and state supression. Together they played four tours in Germany, Austria and Italy.

After moving back to his hometown in late 2018, Sam Siefert reflected his time in Innsbruck and the positive vibration the music an scene had on him during this time. So he decided to compose and release his own debut album featuring 19 other musicians, that worked with him or influenced him during his time in Austria. "Of where we are and where we got so far" will be released in November 2020 by the Sam Siefert Ensemble Project and deals with different social and political struggles the society is dealing with.

For the future he is planning concerts with his Ensemble Project, bringing his music on stage, so stay tuned!